Vango Sunbeam Flexi Light 2M USB

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The Vango Sunbeam Flexi Light is the ideal light system for tents and awnings. Utilising flexible LED lights that never need to be replaced, the Sunbeam provides warm lighting that can be easily adjusted with a remote control to create an ambience that suits you. Compatible with any power bank, it can also be powered via the Vango Voltaic Roll Away, or conveniently by USB. Attached using our innovative SkyTrack II System, the versatile Sunbeam Flexi Light includes spare hoop and loop attachments for use in tents without SkyTrack.


  • Flexible LED Lighting Strips - Attached using the Vango Sky Track System or hook and loop attachment provided.
  • Remote Control - Allows you to adjust the brightness easily
  • Hook and Loop Ties - Included for additional attachment
  • IP67 Rated Lights - Protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 metre for 30 minutes.
  • LED Lights - 120 LEDs producing 1500 lumens create a warm and bright lighting effect
  • Works with Voltaic Roll Away, Powerbank or any standard USB connection


Total Weight



L19.0 x H6.0 x W19.0cm

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