Vango Radiate Grande DLX Chair - Heather Red

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The Vango Radiate Grande DLX chair is sure to keep you warm on the campsite or in your garden. It features an innovative, built-in, Graphene heating element, allowing you to heat your seat when connected to a power source. Compatible with many power banks, the Radiate Grande DLX chair will add a touch of luxury to your camping kit, with its high quality fabric, 7 seating options, padded seat and backrest, plus the extra wide seating area, you will be the envy of other campers on those chilly evenings on the campsite.


  • Steel Frame - Strong and reliable
  • Adjustable Cushion - Can be used as a headrest or extra lumbar support
  • Padded Seat and Backrest - Added layer of comfort and luxury
  • Texturised Frame - Gives the frame a rich, premium finish
  • Folds Flat - Easy storage and transport
  • Hard Armrest - Provides solid support for comfort and stability when getting out of the chair
  • Adjustable Frame - Offers the flexibility of 7 different seating options from upright to reclining positions for lounging.
  • Maximum Loading Weight - 180kg/28st 4lbs
  • Extra Wide Seating Area - Provides a larger area to relax and increases comfort
  • Power Bank Compatible - Works with many power banks - best suited for power banks with an output of 5V/2.1A
  • Flexible Electric Component - A pliable electric component which works with your body
  • Touch Button Controller - 4 heat settings at the touch of a button
  • Built-in Heat - Heating element built into the product to give you variable heat when connected to a power source.
  • Graphene Heat Element - Using the most innovative materials, the heating panel is constructed from Graphene
  • Pocket for Power Bank - For storing your power source
  • Radiate Heather Fabric - New premium, durable material, offering the perfect mix of contemporary fabric with superb comfort.


Total Weight



L111.0 x H9.0 x W75.0cm

Chair Depth


Chair Width


Chair Height


Seat Height


Seat Width


Max Load


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