Vango Classic Instant 300 Tent - Orange

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The Classic Instant 300 is an easy to use beginner tent, perfect for festivals, weekend camping and ideal for first time users. This take on the classic Vango shape includes a new hub structure, folding down like an umbrella therefore making the tent effortless to pop up and also featuring a large over shoulder carry bag making the long pack length easier to carry to and from the campsite. Other features of the Classic Instant 300 include large flysheet vents making it suitable for all climates, and the dark inner tents allowing you to have a good nights sleep.


  • The Vango hub structure is a unique device meaning it is easy to pop up and simple to take down, this will make your camping trip stress free.
  • ColourLok Eco - ColourLok Eco technology used in the fabric increases colour retention and protection against UV light while using up to 60% less water in the drying process.
  • ProTex Shield Flysheet - Highly waterproof at 3000MM HH, protecting you from the elements come rain or shine
  • Sentinel Fabric - When pack size and weight are the key factors in choosing your tent, our specifically designed Sentinel Fabric will surpass your needs. Sentinel Fabric is strong and durable, incorporates our ColourLok technology for superior longevity, and is waterproof to a 3,000mm HH rating, ensuring great quality and performance coupled with compact pack sizes
  • Inner or Flysheet First Pitching - for greater versatility in extreme weather conditions.
  • A-frame design for maximum strength and stability
  • Part Mesh Inner Door - Allows ventilation, while keeping bugs out
  • Bathtub Groundsheet - Waterproof groundsheet extends 10cm above ground level to keep your tent dry in adverse weather
  • Line-Lok Guyline Runners - lock securely, simple to release and high performance in all conditions
  • Vango PowerFlex Fibreglass Poles - Create strong, light and reliable structures
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Mesh Ventilated Inner - Means you can pitch the inner only in warm weather
  • The larger bag makes the long pack length easier to carry around the campsite



3 Person Tent

Pitching Time:

5 mins



Product Segment:



L144.0 x H18.0 x W18.0cm

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