Totalcool Totalpower 500 UK

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The Totalpower 500 possesses the very latest in lightweight portable lithium power-inverter technology. You'll find the highest quality components and ergonomic design with features such as 1 x 12-volt socket, 4 x USB sockets, 1 x micro USB, 2 x inverter AC mains power sockets, wireless charging, fast charge, solar charging, an ultra-bright torch and a smart use digital LCD display.

Perfect for powering the TOTALFREEZE range (40-50 hours), the TOTALCOOL 3000 cooling system (23-125 hours), laptops, mobile phones and even low power AC mains appliances such as TVs, power tools, hair straighteners and much more.

Length: 260mm
Height: 196mm
Width: 200mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Battery Capacity: 500Wh

Output Voltage:
Output Frequency: 50/60Hz auto-sensing
USB Type-Ax4: 5V/3A
USB Type CPD: 3A 5V/9V/12V/15V
Micro USB x1

12V DC 5521 Port x 2: 12V/5A
Car Style 12V Port: 12V/10A
Wireless Charging: 10W

AC Adapter Charger (90W): 6 - 7 hours
Solar Panel (optional extra): 7 - 8 hours
DC Car Charger (48W): 10 - 11 hours
Rated Output Power: 300W
Peak Output Power: 600W
1 x Totalpower 500 Portable Power Bank
1 x AC Wall Charger Cable
1 x Cigarette Lighter Cable
(Cigarette Port to DC7909 Connector Male)
1 x MC4 Cable
(MC4 Connector to DC7909 Male)
1 x USB Type-C Cable
1 x User Manual

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