Easy Camp Vehicle Awn. Canopy

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Offering versatile extra shelter from sun and rain, the Motor Tour Canopy is quickly and easily pitched to make the most of days at the beach, on campsites, at outdoor events or wild camping. Two steel poles fit neatly into brass eyelets and are secured with twin guylines.


  • Side flaps for improved stability and shade
  • Easy setup
  • Attach with beading or guylines over the roof

Weather-Guard 3000 mm

This WeatherGuard fabric has a Hydrostatic Head (HH) of 3000 mm, which means it is waterproof. Hydrostatic Head (HH) is a measure of how water resistant your tent material is. The fabric could hold a column of water that is 3000 mm tall before it starts to leak.

Fire Retardant

The fabric does not burn, but melts when in direct contact with flames.

Taped Seams

The seams are sealed using heat-applied tape to prevent water ingress.

Standing Room

180cm headroom allows adults to stand upright in the living area.

Pack size

Size of tent bag with contents (flysheet materials, inner, poles and pegs).


Complete weight of the tent: flysheet materials, inner, poles and pegs.


Type of tent:



WeatherGuard 3000, 185T polyester PU coated, fire retardant


Taped seams

Hydrostatic Head:

3000 mm

Roof connection length:

260 cm

Attachment height:

150 - 260 cm

Bead thickness:

7 mm


Steel, 19 mm



Textile Fibre Composition:

Fly: 100% Polyester

Pack size:

65 x 12 cm


2.2 kg

Item number:



  • Be aware that (UV) ultraviolet rays will damage your vehicle awning if you expose it to direct sunlight for longer periods of time. Easy Camp products are made for camping use which is normally 2-5 weeks usage a year. They are not designed for permanent usage. Camping near the sea or a lake can further enhance the effect of UV radiation. The same applies to poles and metal parts.

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