Dometic ACX3 40G 40l Fridge: 240v, 12v & Gas Hybrid

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This absorption cooler gives you maximum freedom in choosing your picnic site. Energy supply anywhere it is used. Optional to power with standard gas cartridges.

Cooling Wherever You Want!

You've found a dream place to stay but there's no way to get there with the vehicle and no mains hook up either. Don't worry, our CombiCool ACX absorption coolers give you maximum freedom in choosing your picnic site. They run on 12 volts in the vehicle and on 230 volts at home or at a campsite. In the great outdoors you simply switch over to gas mode. The ACX 40 G is even more versatile and works on a standard gas cartridge. All three ACX models provide cooling up to 30 °C below the ambient temperature. Another common feature of the ACX family is the elegant aluminium housing with the distinctive lid.

  • Powered by gas cartridge, 12 V DC and 230 V AC - guaranteed energy supply, maximises freedom!
  • Absolutely silent operation means no disturbance
  • Sturdy housing and attractive design Ice cube tray included
  • Cooling up to 30 °C below ambient temperature
  • Elegant colour housing
  • Three-stage flame regulation in gas mode

Guaranteed Energy Supply, Can Be Operated With Gas Cartridges

High performance wherever you need it! Dometic's Combicool ACX 40G coolbox can cool contents to as low as 25°C below the ambient temperature. The ACX 40G offers outstanding technological features, you can even make ice cubes in the included ice cube tray. This absorption cooler can work on 12 volt supply in the vehicle, on 230 volt mains supply at home and at the camp site or 220 g gas canisters in remote locations or while in transit. There's an integrated cradle for the gas canister - which will power the box for over 24 hours. All this, complete with a stylish silver sheet steel exterior, makes the ACX a great buy.

Freedom: Cool Performance Wherever You Want

Enjoy the great outdoors even more with the Dometic CombiCool ACX 40 G. It runs on 12 V DC in the vehicle and on 230 V AC at home or on the campsite. In the great outdoors you simply switch over to gas mode. The cooler comes in an attractive yet sturdy design with a distinctive lid, while the silent operation means it won't disturb you! The evaporator provides space for an ice cube tray (included).

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