CADAC Threaded Cartridge Regulator and Hose (0.85m)

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  • Gas pressure regulator according to EN417
  • Universal screw connection
  • Suitable for CADAC 445g and 500g cartridges, among others
  • Comes with 85 cm hose
  • Working pressure: 30mBar
  • 2 Year warranty

Most CADAC barbecues run on gas. Smaller low-pressure devices that do not consume too much gas (such as the Safari Chef LP) can be connected to a single gas cartridge. For this you need a suitable pressure regulator. A pressure regulator compresses the pressure in the gas cartridge to a workable pressure for your barbecue (30mBar).

This pressure regulator has a universal screw connection according to EN417. You simply screw it onto an EN417 gas cartridge, e.g. the CADAC 445g or 500g cartridge. The hose fitting fits gas barbecues with 1/4" left-hand thread (1/4" LH BSP).

Includes 85cm gas hose with handwheel for easy loosening and tightening.

Working pressure: 30mBar

Our pressure regulators meet the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. We recommend that you replace your gas hose and pressure regulator every 5 years.

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