CADAC Soft Soak 40

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  • Mess-Free Cleaning
  • Fits Series 40 Range Surfaces
  • Heat Resistant to 200°C
  • Durable, Foldable Silicone
  • 49 x 45 x 7cm
  • Food Grade, Heat-Resistant Silicone

Environmentally friendly, and sized to perfection, our Soft Soak 40 takes the hassle out of cleaning.

Soaking your grill plates before washing means less time spent on cleaning and more time for you to enjoy the outdoors. No mess, no fuss! Fully submerge the BBQ Grid/s or other cooking surfaces from the CADAC E Braai, Citi Chef 40, Citi Chef 40 FS, Carri Chef 40 and Grillo Chef 40 ranges, for easy cleaning and soaking after use (up to 40cm diameter).

Made from a heat-resistant silicone, the soft soak is durable and heat resistant to 220 °C. For best results pour hot soapy water into the Soft Soak, add the BBQ Grid upside down and leave to soak for 60 minutes to allow all burnt-on bits and grease to lift. Then remove and simply wipe clean the grid or rinse with clean water.

By using the Soft Soak your BBQ Grid and cooking surfaces do not become damaged like they can with the use of traditional scrubs, brushes and cleaning products. By leaving the BBQ Grid to soak in this soft, protected environment, burnt-on bits and hard to remove residue are loosened without the need to scrub and scrape your BBQ Grid’s coating off.

The unique but durable silicone is stackable and foldable for storage, wrap it around the grid during storage or when not in use, making it convenient and easy to use wherever you are.

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

0.8 kg

Packaged Weight

0.85 kg

Packaged Dimensions

520 x 450 x 70 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

490 x 450 x 70 mm

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