CADAC Skottel Top 50

Sale price£60.00


  • Enameled Skottel
  • Fits Carri Chef 50 and Citi Chef 50
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Cooking surface 49cm

The original Cadac Skottel.

An interchangeable cooking surface that can be used as an additional cooking option on the Carri Chef and Citi Chef 50 ranges of gas BBQs. It is ideal for wok-style cooking, stir-fries, pasta dishes, curries and breakfasts and includes a convenient carry bag. Cooking area: 49cm

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

2.7 kg

Packaged Weight

3 kg

Packaged Dimensions

500 x 500 x 60 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

500 x 60 x 60 mm

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