CADAC Grill 2 Braai 40

Sale price£50.00


  • BBQ Grid; half flat, half ribbed
  • GreenGrill ceramic coating
  • Integrated heat diffuser
  • For Citi Chef 40, Grillo Chef 40 and E Braai
  • Ideal for multiple cooking variations
  • Cooking area: ø 38cm

The Grill 2 Braai 40 is an alternative cooking surface in the 40-series and it fits the CADAC Citi Chef 40, Grillo Chef 40 and E Braai. You can use this grid for multiple cooking variations: the ribbed side is ideal for grilling meats e.g. steaks, fish and hamburger patties, while the flat side is perfect for traditional breakfasts, pancakes and stir-fries.

Cooking area: ø 38cm

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