CADAC Carri Chef 50 Dome Lid

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  • Porcelain Enamelled
  • Fits Carri Chef 50
  • Thermometer
  • Stay Cool Handle
  • Acts as a windshield by hooking on the side of the BBQ
  • Size: 50.5cm
  • Seven Air Vents

Vitreous enamelled dome lid to fit the Carri Chef 50 range of gas BBQs.

The porcelain enamelled lid acts as a windshield and splashback protector by hooking on to the side of the BBQ and sitting on the locaters on the BBQ legs.

The BBQ lid is fitted with a thermometer and a convenient stay cool handle at the top of the dome, while the seven vents allow air to flow and circulate the food as you cook.

Size: 50.5cm

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

1.85 kg

Packaged Weight

2.1 kg

Packaged Dimensions

530 x 570 x 370 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

505 x 505 x 115 mm

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