CADAC Adaptor Set HP to LP Propane POL

Sale price£30.00


  • Adaptor Set HP Barbecues
  • Connects A High Pressure (HP) BBQ To Propane Cylinders
  • Ideal for CADAC's Safari Chef HP
  • 85cm Hose & Tailpiece with Handwheel Assembly

The CADAC adaptor set allows your high pressure (HP) gas barbecue to be connected to a LP (low pressure) refillable, propane gas cylinder instead of directly to a gas cartridge.

Ideal for use with the CADAC Safari Chef HP barbecue.

The adaptor set comes with a 85 cm hose crimped to the regulator. Includes hand wheel for easy loosening and tightening of the hose.

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

0.5 kg

Packaged Weight

0.9 kg

Packaged Dimensions

450 x 120 x 60 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

330 x 240 x 70 mm

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