CADAC BBQ Pizza Stone 33cm

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  • Bake Breads, Pastry and Pizza
  • 1.2cm Thick
  • Heat Resistant to 300 Degrees
  • Includes Chrome Plated Wire Holder
  • Cooking area: 33cm

Create traditional stone-baked pizza with this 33cm pizza stone. The Pizza Stone pro 40 fits CADAC's Citi Chef 40, Citi Chef 40 FS, Carri Chef 40, Grillo Chef 40 and E Braai 40 range of BBQs.

Perfect for creating stone-baked pizzas, pastries and breads, this pizza stone can be used in electric ovens, charcoal kettles and gas barbecues.

At 1.2cm thick, the baking stone can withstand temperatures of 300°C.

Includes chrome plated wire holder. Cooking area: 33 cm.

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

1.9 kg

Packaged Weight

2.3 kg

Packaged Dimensions

360 x 360 x 40 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

330 x 330 x 12 mm

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