CADAC 500g Threaded Valve Cartridge (Butane/Propane)

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  • Threaded Gas Cartridge
  • EN417 Self-Sealing Safety Valve
  • Lightweight Disposable Option
  • Dual Power Pak Compatible
  • Threaded Cartridge Regulator Compatible
  • Safari Chef 30 HP Compatible
  • 500g

Butane/Propane gas mix cartridge, fitted with standard type EN417 threaded self-sealing safety valve.

Suitable for use with CADAC's Threaded Cartridge Regulators and Dual Power Pak for Cadac Low Pressure barbecues. Also fits CADAC Safari Chef 30 HP by attaching directly underneath the BBQ base.

Ideal for camping, fishing, hiking and trips to the beach for a lightweight gas option.

Additional Information

Unpackaged Weight

0.5 kg

Packaged Weight

0.5 kg

Packaged Dimensions

130 x 130 x 130 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

130 x 130 x 130 mm

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