CADAC 2 Cook 3 Flat Grill Plate

Sale price£35.00


  • Ceramic Coated
  • Flat Grill Plate
  • 27 x 25 cm
  • Grill Handle Included
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Fits 2 Cook 3 Range

A versatile cooking surface for the CADAC 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe range of gas barbecues.

The solid flat grill plate is perfect for cooking traditional breakfasts, fried eggs and pancakes. The cast aluminium cooking surface is GreenGrill ceramic coated, making cleaning a breeze, simply wash in warm soapy water once cooled after use.

A grill plate handle is included for easy removal of the Flat Grill Plate during or after use on the BBQ and for when not in use, a handy storage bag is included.

Fits the 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR and 2 Cook 3 Classic Stove.

Note this Grill Plate is not compatible with 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe range.

Cooking area 27 x 25 cm.


Unpackaged Weight

0.8 kg

Packaged Weight

1.2 kg

Packaged Dimensions

290 x 265 x 65 mm

Unpackaged Dimensions

270 x 250 x 50 mm

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